Alan FlashingAlan Flashing, an artisanal blacksmith for 20 years, is the owner and founder of Flashing Forge Metalkraft Studio. He is acknowledged for his unique sculptural and architectural forge work. Alan has worked and studied with master smiths in Germany and Sweden, as well as throughout the United States. He has also demonstrated and taught at blacksmith conferences in Germany and the United States. He now operates Flashing Forge in the forested hills near historic Oakland, Oregon. Alan began work in a small space in Texas in the late 1980’s, growing larger over the years. He moved to Oregon in 1997. He says of his craft, “My education in artisanal-blacksmithing is an on going one that I will partake of my whole life: so much to learn, so little time!”.


Examples of TeamSculpture:

  • audi
  • balluf
  • bosch
  • bosch1
  • breuninger
  • daimler
  • daimler1
  • enbw
  • lbbw
  • tuev



Flashing Forge Metalkraft Studio is located on 80 acres 150 miles South of Portland, Oregon, in the picturesque forested hills of Oregon’s Umpqua Valley. Alan Flashing FOrgeNature abounds in this rural retreat-like setting, and a day trip will reward you with the almost surreal beauty of the Oregon coast and the Pacific Ocean, as well as mountains, rivers, lakes, and waterfalls of pristine beauty. Lodging and dining are but a scenic 15-mile drive from the seminar site. We can assist with arranging lodging, transportation to and from either the Portland or Eugene regional airports, and can arrange transportation to and from the seminar site. Catering for your group is also available – inquire as to other services.






Flashing Forge Metalcraft Studio
Elkhead Road 11933
Oregon 97462
phone+1 541 8493280
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