Chris PorcarelliNot Quite TeambuildingChristopher Porcarelli has been using his background in communication and metal arts to create unique workshops in artistic methods and leadership. After many years of forging and fabricating steel he has developed an intimate feel of material and understands interesting
potential in craft processes and expression. As another dimension of his own artistic practice, he works with facilitating communication and supporting trained and untrained groups in creating their own sculptures and events. He insists that it is hard to communicate and work creatively without ones hands, and it helps if the hands get a little dirty.


Examples of TeamSculpture:

  • audi
  • balluf
  • bosch
  • bosch1
  • breuninger
  • daimler
  • daimler1
  • enbw
  • lbbw
  • tuev


Christopher Porcarelli works with groups in the blacksmith shop at the old paper factory in Fengersfors, Sweden. not quiteThe beautiful old brick buildings are now used by the artist collective Not Quite and house exhibition spaces, artist studios, a gallery, café, and bakery. The charm and creative atmosphere of this special place has become one of the most frequented tourist locations in beautiful Dalsland. Accommodations and additional activities are available in the vicinity of Fengersfors. Please contact us for more information.