Teamschmiede2018These workshops set new standards for team or company developments. Company or corporate teams can create their visions and values through an ancient craft and contemporary methods. The sculpture will communicate this result to the outer world. The process of creating and transforming ideas into a visual from is monitored by an established artist, and execution of the work is supported by an experienced metal craftsman.

This exceptional workshop was invented 1994 by Christian Zimmermann and further developed by Professor Heiner Zimmermann Fine Arts Gothenburg University Sweden. Heiner Zimmermann says: “The foundation of this workshop is the same process every artist uses for their artistic research and development, but applied to the corporate culture."

This workshop is an altering experience for corporate teams and companies, sustainable remembrance through the visual sculpture in every day`s work life.

You find workshop locations in England, US Michigan, US Oregon, New Zealand, Sweden, Switzerland and Germany.

We reveived several rewards in Germany for the "Best Event" currently we are the first place in Germany 2018/2019


We offer two different workshops:

The team develops a sculpture independently based on their themes, goals, and visions. The following challenge for the team is to handle hammer, anvil, and fire to create the sculpture.

With the company we create a sculpture for your reception, lobby and any other place in your company, a sculpture suitable for your company values and culture. The sculpture will be executed over period of time from your own employees. The result; a company sculpture with which every employee will identify themselves with, and a symbol to transports your message to the outside world.